Home Appliance Control System based on Robust Indoor User Localization using Wifi Signals
A remote control app will be installed on the user’s smart device. The user only needs to head the smart device toward the appliance of interest, and the corresponding control panel will be shown automatically.
Automatizing tea flush assessment by advanced machine vision technique
Counting tender tea shoots in a sampled area is a tedious task and requires a large amount of time. In this article, we propose a vision-based method for automatically detecting and counting the number of tea shoots in an image acquired from a tea field.
Robot Library Service

The project focuses on the study of the interaction between the user and a service robot in the particular context of a university library or a public library.  One objective of the project was to study the interaction in a Vietnamese context, taking Vietnamese culture into account.  

Leaf based plant identification system for Android

Identifying  plants is a challenging task considering the large number of existing species in the world. The inter-species similarity and the intra-species variability make the identification task particularly difficult and time consuming.

Meeting with Vietnam Lighting Association (Rang Dong)

On July 11th, Rang Dong's association invited MICA's Advisory Board members in their main headquarters.
The objective of this event was to provide a vision for enhanced cooperation on both sides in near future.

Meeting with Samsung towards a Memorandum of Understanding signing

On July 5th, institute MICA hosted a special visit by Samsung Electronics Vietnam.
The goal of the meeting is to investigate the possibilities of co-operation for both sides on Information Technology Applications.

Institute MICA and NICT sign a Memorandum of understanding

On July 17th, a MOU was signed between institute MICA and NICT (Japan)
The aim of this agreement is to develop a cooperative research program in the field of Information Technology