Imagine.IT is the name of Technological Transfert and Applications Center of MICA Institute. Imagine.IT operates as a bridge between MICA Institute research Departments/groups and the business community. Imagine.IT develops application-specific solutions for its customers in the research and scientific market. Through technology transfer, innovations may be incorporated into products and services that directly benefit Vietnamese society, as well as research and education at MICA Institute and Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
• Attract, retain and reward faculty and students; 
• Generate income for future research, development and education.


• Providing a comprehensive technology transfer system to MICA Institute and thus facilitates and accelerates technology transfer between MICA research groups and Vietnamese (international) companies;
• Commercializing MICA Institute research discoveries for societal benefit.


Imagine.IT's mission is to assist Vietnamese companies working in the field of information technology in innovation by:

- Technology development: design, construction or improvement of products, the development and testing processes, specialized equipment or prototypes, improvement or development of technology, animation and intervention, technology transfer, etc.;
- Information and training: the development of customized training, technology intelligence, information retrieval, follow-ups and post-training assessments, market research and feasibility studies, participation in the organization of conferences and symposia, etc.

Imagine IT's R&D Themes