Identifying  plants is a challenging task considering the large number of existing species in the world. The inter-species similarity and the intra-species variability make the identification task particularly difficult and time consuming.

The difficulty encountered by non-botanists when identifying species using standard flora is centred on three major constraints, namely:

   • The ability to identify the species;
   • The use of dichotomous key;
   • The use of difficult technical terms.
In order to minimise and resolve these constraints, our identification system uses a graphical system which reconstitutes the plants using image processing.




  • Develop a tool for biodiversity assessment based on image analysis
  • Vietnam is one of countries which have the richest biodiversity in the world
  • Exploit image content



  • Take an image of the leaf
  • Browse images in the library
  • Identify leaf


  • Leaf images of 32 plants species
  • 1907 images, each plant consists about 50 to 70 images, 1600*1200 pixels
  • General images that do not contain leaf
  • Total images: 1952 (training dataset: 1472 images, testing dataset: 480 images)







Các  công nghệ và tools sử dụng
  • The algorithm determines the leaf / no leaf: GIST and characterized using the KNN classification 
  • Leaf recognition algorithm: SURF features, BOW and SVM classifier 
  • Android applications on the client-server architecture