The objective of this workshop is to strengthen cooperation activities between the company SunNet and MICA Institute - Date: Thursday, August 28, 2014 - Location: "seminar room", MICA Institute.

The workshop was divided into three main phases:

1) Presentation of the respective activities of both partners;

2) Discussion of future common projects;

3) Issuing a donation of hardware (servers) by the company SunNet to MICA's researchers.

09h00 - 09h05: Welcome from MICA direction 
09h05 - 09h20: Introduction and presentation of MICA Institute
09h20 - 09h50: Introduction of SUNNET 
09h50 - 10h00: SpeechCom activities presentation
10h00 - 10h10: ComputerVision activities presentation 
10h10 - 10h20: PSI activities presentation
10h20 - 10h30: Description of common projects between SUNNET and MICA 
10h30 - 10h45: Tea break 
10h45 - 11h25: Discussion for future commons actions
11h25 - 11h30: Present gifts from SUNNET to MICA
12h00 - 14h00: Lunch